Cinema dell’ oscurità (2016)

A murder occurs in a mysterious cinema hall. Or two? Or is it none …? A disentanglement puzzle game with film and reality, a tribute to Italian genre film. Nominated for the Shocking Short Award 2017, premiered at the Munich Film Festival in June 2017, in August 2017 prelude to a stylish screening of Dario Argento’s genre classic SUSPIRIA in Nuremberg’s Katharinenruine.

Director & Writer: Christian Genzel
Producters: Christian Genzel and Marco Knapp
Camera: Bernhard Weise
Editor: René Hoffmann
Music: Elias Symons
Cast: Gunnar Titzmann, Stephanie Lexer, Lena Leitner
Duration: 9 minutes

Blank (2015)

He is the literary beacon of hope of the present: The poet Franz Blank will explode the boundaries of art at his first public reading. Fortunately, the speechless audience is assisted by two experts whose passionate debate provides almost complete clarity …

Direction, Concept & Production: Christian Genzel
Camera: Vlad Petrea, Paul Sprinz
Music: Thomas Bugert
Editor: René Hoffmann
Cast: Thomas Limpinsel, Otto Neumaier, Werner Michler, Wolfgang Görtschacher, Tomas Friedmann
Duration: 13 minutes

Tutmosis (2007)

Inverse iconoclasm, spontaneous dance, deliberate consumption disorder: the artist Tutmosis represents the spearhead of the Salzburg avant-garde – and at the same time its only representative. A portrait.

TUTMOSIS was created in the spring of 2006 as part of Salzburg’s Studio West “City of Culture” project. The individual contributions had their premiere in 2007, and TUTMOSIS was featured on the DVD supplement of the film magazine Celluloid in March 2008.

Director: Christian Genzel
Concept: Christian Genzel & Christian Haslecker
Camera & Editor: Christian Haslecker
Music: Roger Lock
Production: Studio West, Salzburg
Cast: Max Simonischek, Christian Genzel, Otto Neumaier, Werner Riemer
Duration: 10 minutes

Schlaflos (2006)

Ben’s girlfriend breaks up with him – via video message. Desperate, he throws himself into the night with three intentions: Start smoking. Get away from here. And never sleep again. A short film about love, friendships and music, shot over 10 days in the spring of 2005. Max Simonischek and Stefan Murr star as the lead roles, and the soundtrack was composed by Christoph Schwarz of the Salzburg Indie band Betty’s Apartment.

Director, Writer and Producer: Christian Genzel
Camera: Hans Christian Haslecker
Editor: Alexander Rogge
Music: Christoph Schwarz
Cast: Max Simonischek, Stefan Murr, Jean-Luc Julien, Anika Julien, Anna Fin, Birgit Salkin
Duration: 40 minutes

Mystery Project (2004)

A scientist who disappeared under mysterious circumstances. A zombie movie without zombies. A film about a piece of pastry.

A very early short film, still with all its technical bumps – and yet already a precursor of many themes and characters that reappeared later.

Director & Screenwriter: Christian Genzel
Camera: Christian Haslecker
Music: Christoph Schwarz
Cast: Georg Büsch, Christian Tröbinger, Jean-Luc Julien
Duration: 8 minutes