No Way to Make a Living: A Look Back at THE FRIGHTENERS (Dokumentarfilm, 2022)

Before embarking on the epic LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy, Peter Jackson shot the horror comedy THE FRIGHTENERS with Michael J. Fox, which was one of the most expensive New Zealand productions at the time and one of the most effects-intensive films ever. In a comprehensive retrospective, actors and crew members reminisce about the film 25 years later – from the sleep-robbing challenges of effects work to creative decisions to personal impressions and fates.

Director, Writer & Producer: Christian Genzel
Co-Producers: Wolf Jahnke & Phil Friederichs
Editor: René Hoffmann
Cast: Jake Busey, Dee Wallace, John Blick, Grant Major, Richard Taylor, Wes Takahashi, Jamie Selkirk
Duration: 95 minutes

Die Muse (Spielfilm, 2011)

Young Katja wakes up in a cell in the basement of a house she doesn’t know. A man introduces himself to her: The writer Peter Fischer has kidnapped her – because he needs her as inspiration for his new book. He promises her that he will not hurt her if she remains voluntarily. An intense psychological duel breaks out between the two …

Production: High5Films / Ghost Light Productions
Director & Writer: Christian Genzel
Producers: Mike Dehghan & Georg Dehghan
Co-Producer: Christian Genzel
Camera: Oliver Froeschke
Music: Axel Tenner
Editor: René Hoffmann
Cast: Thomas Limpinsel, Henriette Müller
Funding Agencies: BKM, Kultur:Land Salzburg, Kultur:Stadt Salzburg
Duration: 90 minutes
Movie Rating: PG-16